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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Broken Promise

Sometimes we never count the effect of our respon as a parent to our kids, but it can effect for life to our kids. Through this story pls think about it, can you fix the heart of a child who has been disappointed by his father which broken a promise? How can you restore trust when their belief has been destroyed? How you can restore the excitement eyes of the child?

A man aged 40 years coming consultation. He recounts the incident that makes him so disappointed, but already over 28 years. Which be very worried about, that experience still influence him until now!

"That time I was 12 years old. My scout groups plan to camp with the father. I'm very happy and want to notify the father. I wanted to show him my ability. I'm happy when the father welcomed the plan."

"Than come the waited day. I have been ready with all the equipment in the terrace, ready to put in a car when father went home after work. According to the plan we will gather in the school at 5 pm, and depart to the camp together. But until seven o'clock, my father has not returned."
"I'm so anxious. But when father returned, he said that there are office jobs that must be completed. He said to me not too worry because we can wake up early in the morning tomorrow and go to the camp. Moreover we have a map location. Of course I am disappointed, but I try to accept it with patience."
"The next day, I wake up early in the morning to put all the equipment in the car. My father said we would leave around seven o'clock. I have ready a half hour before that, but my father did not wake up until half to ten."
"When he see I was ready, my father even said that actually he got back pain so its hurt for him to sleep on ground. He hope I can understand and be mature. More disapointed, I have to dismantle all that has been prepared because my father have another appointment."
"With sad of heart I put outside the sleeping bag, stove, tents, food and all supplies that has been in a car. Then when my father thought I was going, I see him go to a garage, take the golf equipment, to enter the baggage, and go to meet appointment with others. At that time I realized that my father actually never wanted to go camping but do not dare to say to me "
The child has now become an old man who is in consultation with us. His father has died, but the memories are painful his childhood and continue to affect his life and his family for many years. imagine how great the impact!

A child can love, trust, serve, share, give and create. With the help of God, a father can dig up all the depth of the heart of a child.

Source : God's Vitamin "C" for the Spirit of Men Compiled by D.Larry Miller
Story by Gary Smalley and John Trent

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  1. Very true... And the story teaches each one of us a lesson... That as parents what are we doing or our kids... They are our responsibility which need not be served by getting them food, clothes etc. but at times they need our love, warmth, encouragement to help them gain confidence and assure them that we are with them always. Great work. Wish you all the best!

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